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Frequently Asked Questions at P.S. 54 – The Academy of Creative Minds 2021-2022

  1. When is the first day of school?
  2. The first day of school is as follows:

o  Monday, September 13, 2021 for all students

o  Arrival is at 8:00 am and dismissal is at 2:20 pm (dismissal times vary in different grade levels)

  1. What part of the building can my child enter and exit the school?
  2. Students who take the yellow school bus will use the entrance on Webster to enter and exit the school.  Students who walk to school enter through the following entrances beginning at the times in which they are open. 


Pre-Kindergarten                  Enter through the Decatur entrance and go to their classrooms (doors open at 7:55 am).

At dismissal, please pick up students from their classrooms at 2:10 pm.


Kindergarten                            Enter through the Decatur entrance and go to the gym (doors open at 7:55 am)

                                                      At dismissal pick up students from the gym at 2:15 pm


Grade 1                              Enter through the Decatur entrance and go to the gym (doors open at 7:55 am)

                                             At dismissal, pick up students at 2:20 in the gym (doors open at 2:20)


2nd and 3rd  Grades                  Enter through the yard on 195th street at 7:55 am.  Pick up from the yard at 2:20

4th and 5th Grades Enter through the front of the building on Webster avenue at 7:55 am and dismiss at 

2:20 pm through the same area


***Please note that the cafeteria opens at 7:40 for breakfast for grades 2-5 (ALL PK, K and 1 students will eat their breakfast in their classrooms at 8:00.

  1. What is the school telephone number?
  2. (718) 584-4203
  3. What is the school fax number?
  4. (718) 584 – 4326
  5. What is the school email address?
  6. [email protected]
  7. What is the school website?
  8. www.ps54.org

In our school website you will be able to access up-to-date information about events happening at the school.

  1. How else do I get messages?
  2. the school has a sonarcloud messenger – meaning that you will receive voice messages and other documents via texts – the number you will receive these texts/voice messages from is (844) 304-6145. Please do not disregard the messages sent to you via your text/phone.
  3. What are the school hours?
  4. Classes begin at 8:00 a.m. for all students and end at 2:20 p.m. (please be mindful of the times as explained above).

Q, What happens if my child arrives at school after 8:00?

  1. Anyone arriving after 8:00 am is considered late. The school day begins at 8:00 am. If your child is not in school at 8:00 am, that means that your child is late. Please do understand that we keep the gates to the schoolyard open after 8:00 and close them at 8:05 for safety. When the gates are closed, your child must enter through the main entrance on Webster, where s/he will get a late pass, which confirms that the child is late, and NOT absent.


***Also be reminded that if your child is absent and we do not know the reason of the absence and don’t have documents supporting the absence, the home will be visited on the third day of the absence.


Please ensure that your child comes to school every day on time and is present every day. If you are having problems getting your child to school, please email or call the school and we will arrange for a meeting with the attendance team.



  1. When will I meet my child’s teacher?
  2. There will be Parent Teacher Conferences throughout the year. Notices will be sent as they become available.

Teachers will hold meet and greet during the following Tuesdays from 2:20-3:00: Tuesday, September 14 (in person), Tuesday, September 21 (virtual) and Tuesday, September 28 (Virtual/In-person)

  1. How can I set up a meeting to speak to my child’s teacher?
  2. If you need to speak with your child’s teacher, please send a note with your phone number, and email address, where he/she can locate you to set up a meeting. 
  3. These meetings can be made before or after the school day, during the teacher’s prep, but never during classrooms hours. 
  4. These meetings may take place virtually and/or as mutually arranged by the parent/teacher
  5. If the meeting is in person, always bring an ID with you to be admitted into the building.  This is for security reasons.  
  6. If the meeting is in person, you must wear a mask – no mask – no admittance – no exception.
  7. We also encourage all parents to arrange meetings with their child’s teacher on Tuesdays beginning at 2:30 pm.
  8. What is the curriculum used at school?
  • For Literacy we are using the Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Curriculum
  • For Mathematics we will be using Envision Math.
  • For Social Studies we use the Passport program and for Science we use amplify science
  • For independent reading we will use our leveled library to challenge our kids to read every day for at least 1 hour – meaning that they will take books home every day from the school.
  • For independent reading students also use our digital reading programs IReady Students have access to this program at school, home, everywhere as long as there is internet access. We also have the digital reading program MyOn for grades PK-5


  1. Can my child participate in the Breakfast Program?
  2. A. All students need a nutritious breakfast to help them learn.  Therefore, P.S. 54 provides daily breakfast. 
  • Breakfast begins at 7:40am for students in grades 2-5 in the cafeteria.
  • PK, K and 1 students will get their breakfast in their classroom.


  1. Does my child have to wear a uniform?
  2. A. Yes. S. 54 is a uniformed school.  Students are required to wear a school uniform every day.  If you can’t dress your child in a uniform, please use the uniform colors as a model to make sure that your child is dressed properly for school.  Top is light blue or dark blue and bottom is dark blue

Navy blue pants and light blue/navy blue shirts for boys  


Navy blue pants/skirts/dresses for girls and light/navy blue blouses for girls


  1. What school materials does my child need?
  2. Your child will need pencils, folders, composition notebooks (at least 5), pencil sharpener, erasers. Also, during the first week of school, your child’s teacher will send a letter home informing you what other school materials will be needed.  Keep open communication with your child’s teacher. 
  3. Can my child bring a snack to school?  YES, however, we are part of the snack program so students will get a snack from school every day.
  4. We have a rule about consuming healthy snacks.  We advise all families to have their child eat healthy snacks with good nutritional value.
  5. Will my child have homework?
  6. Homework is assigned everyday school is in session (including Fridays).  Many teachers assign projects for the weekends and festive days off. 
  7. Who supervises my child’s grade?
  8. A. Leatherwood supervises PK, K, 1 and 2.  and Mr. Eisma supervises grades 3, 4, 5
  9. What happens if my child gets sick?
  10. If you must keep your child at home because he/she is sick, make sure to send a doctor’s note or a note explaining the absence.  If your child gets sick in school, s/he will be sent to the nurse’s office and from there we will contact you, if needed.  Please make sure that your child’s emergency card is up to date because if there is an emergency, we will need to contact you immediately.   
  11. What should I do if an emergency presents itself and I am late to pick up my child?
  12. Please try to plan accordingly. Try to make arrangements with family or neighbors to resolve an emergency. Make sure that the person is in your child’s emergency card (blue card).  Call the school immediately to let us know of any lateness or change of plans. 
  13. Are cell phones and other personal electronic devices allowed in school?
  15. Are there policies and regulations regarding my responsibilities as a parent on electronic devices at school?
  16. YES. Please see below:

As a parent I agree to help my child follow the school policies by:

  •   discussing with my child the contents of the school’s cell phone and electronics policy, the  Discipline Code and the Bill of Student Rights and Responsibilities;


  •   encouraging my child to be a respectful and peaceful member of the school community, and to never use an electronic device to engage in harassment, bullying or intimidation, or to take photos or post pictures of others without staff authorization;


  •   reminding my child that cell phones and electronic devices may not be used during school fire drills or other emergency preparedness exercises;


  •   reminding my child about the importance of academic honesty and never using an electronic device to engage in cheating or to help others cheat;


  •   calling the school if I need to contact my child during the school day and not trying to reach my child on his/her

electronic device during the school day;


  •   be responsible and safe about his/her electronic  devices  both in school and while traveling to and from school, to not display the devices or carry them in a manner that attracts attention,  to always travel using safe, familiar streets with good lighting, and to refrain from using shortcuts through isolated areas; reminding my child that having a cell phone or electronic device in school is a

privilege, and that the privilege may be revoked, or electronic devices may be confiscated by the school if they are used in violation of the school’s policy or the Discipline Code;

  •   reminding my child that the  school is not responsible or liable if his/her device is lost, damaged or stolen, that it is my child’s responsibility to take proper care of his/her device, and that devices may not be charged at school.


  1. Are there policies and regulations regarding my child’s responsibilities on electronic devices at school?
  2. YES. Please see below and discuss with your child:

As a student I know that I have a right to be:

o   in a safe and supportive learning environment, free from discrimination, harassment, and bigotry;

o   told by my school what is appropriate behavior and what actions may result in disciplinary actions;

o   counseled by members of the professional staff when my behavior may have a negative effect on my education and/or welfare at school;

o   provided with due process of law in instances of disciplinary action for alleged violation of school rules or the Discipline Code that may result in my suspension or removal from class.

I agree to:

  • follow all rules in the Discipline Code;
  • obey my school’s policy about cell phones and other electronic devices;
  • behave respectfully, without arguing, and cooperate when a staff member gives me direction or makes a request, including to turn over my cell phone or electronic device;
  • refrain from taking photos and videos of other students, staff, or school security agents without staff authorization;
  • only use cell phones or other electronic devices in class if I have the teacher’s permission;
  • never use my cell phone or other electronic device to “sext” or to intimidate, embarrass, threaten, or bully others;
  • never use my cell phone or other electronic device to cheat or help others cheat;
  • keep my parents informed about school-related matters and make sure I give them any information sent home.


I understand that:

  • I should travel to and from school using safe, familiar routes with good lighting, refrain from using shortcuts through isolated areas, and not display my electronic devices or carry them in a manner that attracts attention while traveling;
  • cell phones and electronic devices may not be used during school fire drills or other emergency preparedness exercises;
  • if I violate my school’s policy or the Discipline Code, my cell phone or other electronic device may be confiscated;
  • if I use my cell phone or other electronic device to take photos or videos of others without staff authorization, or to bully, threaten, or intimidate others, or to “sext” or cheat, I will be disciplined in accordance with the Discipline Code; 
  • I am not permitted to charge my cell phone or other electronic device at school;
  • I assume all responsibility for my cell phone and other electronic devices if I bring them to school. My school is not responsible for stolen, damaged or lost devices.




All Parents Are Responsible For

  1. Sending their child to school ready to learn.
  2. Ensuring that their child attends school regularly and arrives on time
  3. Being aware of their child’s work, progress, and problems by reading school notices, talking to their child about school, reviewing their child’s work and progress reports, and meeting with school staff.
  4. Maintaining verbal and/or written contact with their child’s teachers and principal about the progress of their child’s education.
  5. Adhering to all school policies and applicable Chancellor’s Regulations that pertain to their children’s education.
  6. Responding in a timely manner to communications from their child’s school.
  7. Attending all meetings and conferences requested by the school that pertain to their child.
  8. Entering the school building in a respectful manner, refraining from disruptive behavior and treating all members of the school community with courtesy and respect.
  9. ensuring that the school is updated with accurate contact information (e.g., home address, telephone number).

Parents Should Also…

  1. Provide a supportive home setting where education is a priority.


  1. Reinforce the importance of acquiring the knowledge, skills and values needed to function effectively in society.
  2. Volunteer time, skills, or resources in the school.
  3. Take part in school and community programs that empower parents to participate in educational decision-making.
  4. Become active members of the school’s Parent Association or Parent-Teacher association.
  5. Become active members of the Title I parent committee, where applicable.
  6. Question their child about schoolwork, attendance, and behavior and discuss what is expected by the school.
  7. Teach their child to respect the property, safety, and rights of others and the importance of refraining from intimidating, harassing or discriminatory behavior.
    • It is the policy of the New York City Department of Education to provide equal educational opportunities without regard to actual or perceived race, color, religion, age, creed, ethnicity, national origin, alienage, citizenship status, disability, sexual orientation, gender (sex) or weight.
    • It is also the policy of the DOE to maintain an environment free of harassment on the basis of any of these grounds, including sexual harassment.
  1. What do I do if I have any more questions?
  2. If you still have more questions, please contact our Parent Coordinator at (718) 584-4203 ext. 1062. If you have any problems with school attendance, please contact the attendance coordinator at (718) 584-4203.
  • If an emergency occurs and you wish to contact your child, please call the main office at (718) 584-4203.
  1. How will I get information from the school?
  • emails are sent regularly so please make sure that the principal has your email address. If you need to create one, we will assist you with that.
  • All students will receive a RED folder. Within that folder are three compartments. The first one is labeled INFORMATION FROM THE TEACHER. The second is labeled INFORMATION FROM THE SCHOOL. The third one is labeled INFORMATION FROM THE PARENTS (in this section you are to return anything that needs to be returned to school or letter/notes you would like to send the school).
  • The school has a sonarcloud messenger – meaning that you will receive voice messages and other documents via texts – the number you will receive these texts/voice messages from is (844) 304-6145. Please do not disregard the messages sent to you via your text/phone.
  • The school calendar is sent home monthly
  • All information is posted throughout the school in showcases by all entrances/exits to the school
  • Translators will be available as needed and in the languages provided by the DOE


News on COVID-19 (this will continue to be updated as we receive news from the mayor, chancellor and the CDC)

  •   Even if you are vaccinated, you will need to wear a mask and follow safety procedure before entering the building. There will be NO exceptions.


  •   City workers who interact with the public including students and their families, must continue to wear masks at all times regardless of vaccination status. In addition, all employees must still wear a face covering when entering the buildings, travelling to their workspace, and in elevators.  


  •   We will continue to share updates on health and safety policies and protocols for schools as well as borough and central offices leading up to the first day of school. Thank you for all you are doing to keep yourself, your loved ones, your colleagues and the students you serve safe.  


*********Letters will be sent to parents informing them of their child’s classroom number for the 2021-2022 academic year.