Crayola Grant


The Crayola Grant provides $1,000 of Crayloa products to P.S. 54.

The Crayola products are provided to help facilitate the creative coping skills grant to help third grade students develop social emotional learning skills.

History of Crayola Grant

  • Yearly elementary/middle schools in United States and Canada apply to the

"Champion Creatively Alive Children"

  • Grants implement and share results of innovative Creativity programs.
  • Each award includes a $2,500 grant and $1,000 worth of Crayola products.
  • P.S. 54 Staff said Yes to collaboration.
  • Only 20 grants are awarded.


P.S. 54 Won!

We share Crayola’s beliefs:

1. In the power of original thought and innovative practices.

2. Art-infused education engages students and results in robust, memorable learning.

3. Children are empowered by creative leaders.

4. It takes a visionary leadership team to enhance a school’s creative collaborative culture.

5. “What if…?” is a great question that makes leaders explore new possibilities and implement change.

P.S. 54’s School Creative Leadership Team includes:

Dr. Ferreira, Mr. Eisma, Ms. Silverman, Ms. Moore, Ms. Mark, Ms. Valis, Ms. Halliday, and Ms. Ilarraza

We all agree to help us answer the question:

What if our third grade students practice creative coping skills to be emotionally strong and prepared for academic success?

Your teachers and I will teach you a coping skill that will involve art infused strategies. These strategies aim is to prepare you to manage the stress of both academic and nonacademic demands.

All 3rd grade students will be taught the following coping skills:

1. Stress Ball Reducer

2. Journal Making

3. Musical Maracas

4. Painting Positive Visualizations

5. Deep Breathing with bubbles

6. Positive Affirmations using Strength Chains

7. Exciting Exercise-Fun Express Mini Flying Saucer


Crayola Creative Coping Skills Grant Session

Third Grade Students learned about using Positive Affirmations to combat negative thinking during a read aloud using the book, I Think I am by Louise L. Hay.

Next students created a strength chain with four positive affirmations for themselves using Crayola markers and construction paper.

Crayola Parent Workshop

P.S.54's School Social Worker facilitated a parent workshop on learning to cope with self-doubt through positive affirmation strength chains. Parents received extra strips of paper to continue their positive statements at home with their family. The markers used were courtesy of a Crayola grant.

Crayola Lesson Plans

Coping Skills for Worry/Fear

Coping Skills for Worry/Fear

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Coping Skills for Self Doubt

Coping Skills for Self Doubt

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Coping Skills for Communication: Feeling Barameter Poster & I statements

Coping Skills for Communication: Feeling Barometer Poster & I statements

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Coping Skills for Feeling Angery

Coping Skills for Anger

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Crayola Pictures for Tiredness 2.docx

Coping Skills for Tiredness

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Coping Skills for Confusion Pictures.docx

Coping Skills for Confusion

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Coping Skills for Confusion.pdf

Coping Skills for Confusion

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The 3rd Grade Students participated inCreative Coping Skills Lessons for the Crayola Grant

Class 3-413

Class 3-412

Class 3-411

Class 3-409

Crayola Grant Information

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Crayola Grant

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