For Students » Meet the Members of P.S. 54's 2022-2023 Student Council!

Meet the Members of P.S. 54's 2022-2023 Student Council!

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Hi! Good afternoon. I am Amaya from class 5-504. My goal for this year is to make this school a better place for you and your peers. One of the ideas I have is to encourage our principal to have a new technology prep period using one of the many classroom spaces not utilized. During technology we can learn about coding, gaming, and other cool features of the digital world. Another idea I have is for the school to include a study hall period of older grade students. This will give students the opportunity to ask their teachers questions and receive additional help from peers because some students do not have quality help at home. With my creativity, optimism and dedication, I promise as president to be your voice, and to support you by sharing your ideas and concerns to all those willing to hear it.

Vice President



Hey everyone, I am Valentina from 507. Accepting differences and offering new opportunities to students to enjoy learning is my biggest goal this year. A way I will make the school fun is by including project-based activities that teach you skills without you even noticing. The themes of these projects should include the opinions of all students. Happy student's equal happy teachers which equal happy parents.





Hi, my name is Luis from class 507. My goal for this school year is to help students do better in school by making it a more enjoyable place to be. Learning should be fun. Our kind of fun. We should also go on more trips because many of our students do not have the opportunity to get out of the community. School trips can let us see things we only ever dreamed of. Voting for me means I will work extra hard to encourage our principal to help us have a better school experience.




Hi, my name is Jazmine from class 413. A treasurer’s role is to lead fundraisers which will help us plan for activities and address needs around the building. I selected this position because I am smart, kind, loyal and want the best for the students of this school. One of my goals this year is to include a vending machine in our lunchroom so that we can have new healthy snack options because childhood obesity is not ok and unfortunately our lunch choices are not ok either. 

Student Council 2nd Grade Representative




Hello, my name is Aliya. I am the Student Council 2nd Grade Representative. My goal is to keep school safe and bully-free.





Student Council 3rd Grade Representative

Hello, my name is Zoe, and I am your Student Council 3rd Grade Representative. I am a compassionate person who hopes to bring kindness to our school inspiring positivity.

 5th grade representative



Hello everyone. My name is Julio from class 513. I chose to run for your 5th grade representative because I have a big voice and I am not afraid to use it. I enjoy helping others and solving problems. With my voice students will be heard and change is possible. Other ideas I have are to create more sports teams, and to include more art and team building activities throughout the day. I also think it would be pretty cool to get extra recess time.